Irmscher 7 Turbo - the machine that inspires you

Posted on Saturday, 25 April 2009 , 12:04:15 byEmil

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Irmscher 7 Turbo - the machine that inspires you

Irmscher, tuning firm from Germany has just revealed their final creation for fighting the war against ridiculously overweight powered huge budget superautos with that Irmscher 7 lightweight kit vehicle that can be owned for under 20,000 Euro.

So, following on the footsteps of the original Lotus 7 (Callin Chapman) and the later iteration of Caterham. The Irmscher 7 unit is made for rivaling head to head with some other affordable sportsautos like Ariel Atom, capable of great performance. There are 4 different flavors. Its base car runs with a naturally aspirated 2.2 Liter Opel power factory making 150 HP. There's a 2.0 Liter turbocharged one also with 210 HP plus the next up making 265 HP. The top in line Irmscher 7 has only 725 kg weight producing 280 HP featuring excellent power over the weight ratio, allowing it perform just like a car one hundred times more expensive.

The Irmscher 7 unit is quite a versatile machine; complete with a totally adjustable suspension (for track and creature comforts; air-conditioning plus a rag top great for the rainy days). If you're looking for speed on budget or just wanting to feel, pretend to be let's say... Jim Clark, this Irmscher 7 wonder is worth taking a good look at. It will inspire you to buy it...