BMW revealing production hybrid 750hi in Frankfurt

Posted on Thursday, 30 April 2009 , 17:04:06 byEmil

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BMW revealing production hybrid 750hi in Frankfurt

The Motor Show in Frankfurt might be just a few months away, but the rumors out of Munich, Germany, BMW’s headquarters show that the carmaker will reveal the hybrid production variant of its 7-Series. BMW unveiled last October a thinly-veiled version concept named the Active Hybrid 7-Series at the Motor Show in Paris.

Though little details have been unleashed, we would expect seeing BMW's V8 twin-turbo engine fitted to an electric motor unit. The 750hi 2011 will compete with the next S400 Hybrid by Mercedes-Benz; this summer will be unwrapped.

This 2-mode hybrid from BMW will drive on electric power solely, unlike the S400, that will be using its electric motor like a reserve engine. The 750hi model will be revealed at the same time just like the ActiveHybrid X5, that the spies caught this year.