3-Series GT by BMW arriving in 2013

Posted on Wednesday, 6 May 2009 , 06:05:51 byEmil

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3-Series GT by BMW arriving in 2013

After unveiling their 1st attempt at a GT modern unit at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009, the 6 Series GT BMW has been confirmed already for 2011. While the auto makers from Bavaria are planning at the moment a similar treatment good for that baby bimmer, the 3 Series set to see the light in 2013.

Sized between SUV and wagon, this upcoming 3 Series GT by BMW will be longer with 15 inches than the basic unit offering the more headroom (added bonus) due to the layout shooting brake.

New to the next 3 Series line-up of BMW will be 340i, having a 326 HP 6 cylinder. But on the other hand, this upcoming BMW 1-Series, made on the exact same platform for reducing the costs, will be receiving the treatment of sport wagon.