C7 from Corvette - still on track

Posted on Friday, 8 May 2009 , 05:05:39 byEmil

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C7 from Corvette - still on track

The Corvette from Chevrolet is 1 of the most adored units in the line-up at GM. It's the vehicle that put USA on the map, concerning the GT racing at least plus even in our days it's offering the best sports auto in the world money can buy. So having the present economic situation of GM, the question in mind is what will really become of the favorite composite GT bodied machine of America? A C7 maybe?

Thanks to Fritz Henderson, General Motors CEO you will sleep good tonight, the reason being he has assured the auto buying public out there that... the Chevrolet Corvette's future is secure. Henderson said 'Corvette pays its rent' and the upcoming 7th-generation vehicle, called the C7, is on track still, although; the General Motors CEO didn't say exactly when the next gen Corvette unit will go in the production.

The C7 model was delayed up until last October 2014. But Henderson did not confirm or deny it. No matter the moment in time, it's great to know the vehicle is on track plus we will see a further C6 improvement, we might see even a small Stingray Concept model when it goes on sale eventually.