Daimler CEO now wants more BMW cooperation

Posted on Sunday, 10 May 2009 , 12:05:44 byEmil

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Daimler CEO now wants more BMW cooperation

Daimler – Mercedes-Benz's parent company – worked hard with BMW on a few diverse initiatives, but Dieter Zetsche - firm CEO wants that the 2 carmakers to have a really close relationship. And Daimler partnered recently with BMW purchasing car components.

Zetsche affirmed... 'few areas' there, would be absolutely off limits for a partnership involving Daimler-BMW, but didn't say what areas would be. 'It’s clear that we are two independent companies whose success in the market depends of the strength of our brands, so brand integrity is a cardinal imperative' reported Zetsche to the Automotive News. 'This has to be considered at all times but it is not something that would prevent broad cooperation'.

Zetsche did not rule out totally BMW and Mercedes-Benz sharing the platforms someday in the future, but did say Mercedes would be retaining its luxury inherent characteristics. BMW and Daimler worked together developing their newest hybrid systems; it would not be so far away of the question for all those German carmakers to partner on upcoming auto platforms. This move would save probably the carmakers hundreds millions Dollars plus it would still be quite possible the tuning each car to meet the criteria of the brand.