Lotus Esprit debuted in 2012

Posted on Tuesday, 12 May 2009 , 19:05:52 byEmil

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 Lotus Esprit debuted in 2012

Lotus, the sports car weight conscious maker, is very busy now with their new Esprit and Elise development. The smaller Elise unit will be debuting in 2011 plus it will be a more developed variant even of what it's today on the streets.

The Esprit, on the other hand, set to be revealed in 2012, is therefor dependent on how great the carmaker sells their Evora unit. The Esprit one will be a wider, longer variant of the all-new Evora auto, V8 powered mounted on mid-ship location.

Lotus is hoping by 2012 they all will be moved anywhere starting from 4000 up to 5000 cars yearly. But the future is looking a bit dim for this English firm, as the Abarth deal to make a future sports auto has been stopped and the Dodge Circuit Europa-based electric auto taking also a dirt nap now Lotus is hoping that this brand new Evora helps them weather all the hard times ahead.