Bentley is guaranteeing that 85 percent of Continental is recyclable

Posted on Friday, 15 May 2009 , 08:05:13 byEmil

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Bentley is guaranteeing that 85 percent of Continental is recyclable

Great news for all the owners of Bentley Continental plan on recycling their luxurious and expensive automobiles after the usefulness enjoyment: Bentley guarantees now that the line of Continental is 85 percent recyclable plus 95 percent recoverable. So, the premium carmaker has been officially awarded an German Motor Transport Authority official. Dr. Arno Homburg, the head of Whole Vehicle Development for Bentley Motors said 'Our environment policy is based on sustainable principles and we take a holistic view of the whole process. At the design stage we consider the environmental impact of all components over the entire life of the car. This is despite the fact that over 70% of all Bentleys ever produced are still in existence - our cars tend to end up as collectors' items rather than scrap. This is part of our responsibility as a car maker to contribute to environmental improvements, as demonstrated by this certification'.

'It's great to see a luxury car manufacturer showing commitment in this area. Our rigorous standards have to apply to niche products, too. As a European permits authority, the KBA verifies the reusability, recyclability and disposability of cars' affirmed Ekhard Zinke, about the certification procedure objectives.

Dr. Homburg stated about the long-term objectives of the firm: 'Bentley is remaining true to its unique combination of performance, craftsmanship and comfort, but we still want to play our part in saving resources at the luxury end of the carmaking industry'.