KW becomes the official WTCC partner

Posted on Saturday, 16 May 2009 , 17:05:27 byEmil

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KW becomes the official WTCC partner

The suspension manufacturer from Germany has become just now an official sponsor for the World Touring Car Championship. And this means every WTCC weekend, over four hundred spectators world-wide will see now a yellow and purple KW logo near to the number plates of the car. The WTCC is unique because the raceautos never use electronic assistance, therefore the motto is: 'Real Cars, Real Racing!'

Although this motor sport is unheard almost of in the U.S., these front wheel drive, compact, small displacement engine units could be eeven the future of all green racing in the States. If you've now been inspired, wanting to follow closely the WTCC, the upcoming race will take place May 17th on Sunday in the Pyrenees town Pau.

'The WTCC is very attractive for us, as the participating cars are enhanced serial vehicles and no fancy, uniquely built race cars, that hardly have a technical connection to street models' affirms Klaus Wohlfahrt - KW chairman about the KW engagement. 'Here, real cars are driven in real races. There is no series world-wide which is closer to the racing fan than the WTCC'.