Over one thousand orders for Tesla Model S E.V.

Posted on Monday, 18 May 2009 , 08:05:13 byEmil

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Over one thousand orders for Tesla Model S E.V.

The sales plan of Tesla is paying off now. Tesla Motors (electric carmaker) have booked already over one thousand orders for their sedan Model S, an automobile carrying up to 7 people for 300 miles area. The Model S begins at 49,900 Dollars after the tax rebates, but Tesla is claiming that all the operating prices are so down, that it's rely the equal of having something like a 30,000 Dollars car.

Tesla already has put over 400 units of their 100,000 Dollars electric roadster right in the hands of clients. The Tesla Roadster model is capable of going from zero to sixty MPH in just only 3.9 sec, besting the majority of sports autos, while being 2 as energy efficient like Toyota Prius.

The roadster clients benefit also from a lot lower ownership cost than comparably sports autos' price, having none of the internal combustion traditional maintenance and all the extra benefit of the electricity cost compared to the gas price, that fluctuates an amount that good for backing up to 5 Dollars a gallon by the time summer ends. Tesla believes that having an environmentally friendly model like Roadster can really add up to about $26,000 savings over the vehicle's lifetime as opposed to... let's say, a 100,000 Dollars Porsche unit.

'The Model S is a better value than much cheaper conventional cars' said Elon Musk - Tesla CEO, Chairman and Product Architect. 'Despite the enormous environmental benefits, lower total cost of ownership will soon become the primary motivation for consumers to evolve from gas guzzlers to EVs'.

'Some Roadster customers are sports car enthusiasts. Some are environmentalists. Some care about energy security. All are discriminating and value conscious consumers' Musk affirmed. 'Now we’re seeing the same attributes in customers who opt for the Model S. People who drive Teslas refuse to compromise on value, performance or efficiency'.