Toyota is taking 75,000 orders for Prius in Japan

Posted on Monday, 18 May 2009 , 05:05:22 byEmil

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Toyota is taking 75,000 orders for Prius in Japan

The hybrid cars Sales have slowed in America thanks to almost 2 Dollars a gallon of gas, all good but this hybrid battle are heating up now in the Japanese territory. The brand new Insight from Honda became recently the 1st hybrid car in Japan ever taking the top sales spot every month and comes word now... Toyota taken 75,000 Prius hybrid pre-orders.

Nikkei business daily from Japan stated that Toyota received over 75,000 orders, all for its new 3rd-generation hybrid Prius. If the numbers are correctly put, Toyota not just shattered the pre-order predicted mark of 40,000 models, but has sold already in Japan more Prius cars than it did last year (meaning 73,000 autos). Honda, in comparison, took 21,000 Insight hybrid pre-orders before selling last month 10,481 units – making in the no.1 selling nameplate during April in the Japanese territory.

The Toyota Prius 2010 will go be sale officially Monday on the Japanese market, having an estimate cost of 20,750 Dollars – or around 1,750 Dollars more than Insight.