Volvo is wearing black now. In the future it will be probably... red

Posted on Monday, 18 May 2009 , 10:05:55 byEmil

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Volvo is wearing black now. In the future it will be probably... red

If you didn't know, behind every color choice of a car is a designer. And behind that... there's a reason, as all the manufacturers don't sell the auto as it is. So, Volvo felt for some reason the need of explaining why 25.5 % of Volvo units sold globally are black. In the line-up of this Swedish firm there are fifteen colors (all different) to choose for each unit made by Volvo.

'The entire car world is black today. The silver wave is definitely ebbing away' Cilla Stark, color specialist and designer at Volvo Cars affirmed. 'Black can be truly elegant but it can also be avant-garde. Many younger customers buy the Volvo C30 because they want a tough car that makes a statement'.

28.4 % of the C30 units are black, and 25 % of the V70 black too, mean while the XC60 model is preferred with 27.7 % of the people who bought it. 'It is possible that when the economic situation is poorer, people take a long hard look at their private economy and choose 'safer' colors. Having said that, the opposite is also true' added Lena Jiseborn - design director.

What it will be next? Volvo says... red. 'If we look at men's fashions - which often dictate trends in the car world - what's big right now are various shades of red, from orange to burgundy. So the next big shift in car colors may well be red'.