GM drops more than thirteen Canadian dealerships

Posted on Thursday, 21 May 2009 , 11:05:49 byEmil

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GM drops more than thirteen Canadian dealerships

More than 1 3rd of GM's dealership network in Canada will be finding out its fate of their upcoming relationship involving the Detroit carmaker. Like the 1,100 dealers in America stopped last week the cut off, 250 of 705 GM outlets in Canada will be told their franchise deals will not be resumed, renewed in 2010, in the fall.

Unlike Chrysler, General Motors would not drop immediately the dealerships, but rather wait until the 2010's fall axing the dealerships. General Motors expects the stores will start winding down its operations well before the time.

Early reports show that 264 of General Motors’s dealers from Canada will be eliminated, said a Toronto Television station. This cut is going farther than the 1-sixth of its American dealers the carmaker alerted Friday.