California working on the emission regulations already for beyond 2016

Posted on Sunday, 24 May 2009 , 06:05:03 byEmil

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California working on the emission regulations already for beyond 2016

Barack Obama – the President revealed a new plan just days ago for raising CAFE standards by 2016 to 35.5 mpg, but California is working already on a new standards set for 2017 and far beyond. California has been historically 1 of the toughest countries when we talk about the standards of fuel economy and was an amazing influence on the latest mandate of Obama.

The Department of Transportation U.S.’s 35.5 mpg ready by 2016 is now a severe standard, hitting the 35 mpg break point a full 4 years, this before schedule made previously. However, California will be influencing CAFE standards in the future, 2017 and after, so the required targets will become more aggressive probably.

'California will be immediately getting to work on what the standards should be for beyond 2016' Mary Nichols, California Air Resources Board - chairman, reported to Reuters. Mary N. added upcoming regulations will be 'much more stringent'.

California is the most aggressive by far state if you talk about the car emissions plus will become this June the 1st probably to regulate the emissions of exhaust. The California Air Resources Board has not indicated exactly what standards will be beyond 2016, but there's a number in the forty mpg area wouldn't be so unreal for the 2020s.