Volkswagen is recalling 25,594 Jetta units for driveshaft errors

Posted on Monday, 25 May 2009 , 00:05:34 byEmil

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Volkswagen is recalling 25,594 Jetta units for driveshaft errors

Adding to the recall list, Volkswagen of America and the National Highway Safety Administration have announced a of 25,594 Jetta units recall. This action includes 2006-2009 unit year auto equipped with 2.0L engine.

The NHTSA site says this recall is because of a drive shaft faulty cover plate which could be leading to a drive detached shaft. So, its screw plates of contact on the cover plate (drive shaft) likely hasn't been properly manufactured, resulting in torqued screws (improperly). Over time, its screws will become probably loose, resulting like this: its drive shaft will become detached completely from the gearbox. The affected auto emit while in motion usually a knocking sound.

The NHTSA now warns: a detached driveshaft will damage the gearbox housing of the vehicle, resulting with a leak of oil. This leak of oil could rise the crash chances for the driver and other motorists as well. The dealers at VW will be inspecting the screws, replacing them when necessary for free. The recall will kick off officially on 19th of June.