Chevrolet showing off its fabulous Cobalt XFE 2009

Posted on Tuesday, 26 May 2009 , 13:05:28 byEmil

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Chevrolet showing off its fabulous Cobalt XFE 2009

GM is offering for 2009 a more fuel-efficient variant of the no frills, Chevy Cobalt XFE, this auto is a step on the right path for the U.S. carmaker, the 9 percent improvement in the economy of fuel is an answer also to the future CAFE regulation made by the American Senate. Although it's the base Cobalt model, lacking power comforts: windows, door locks, there is not even the option of automatic transmission.

The friendly checkbook Cobalt however, does have air conditioning, stereo AM/FM/MP3 and sporty wing on trunk. This 2.2 Liter ECOTEC 4 cylinder is up seven HP from previous year's unit, for a 155 HP top output. The added strength is necessary for turning the 3.74:1 more economical final drive, the added gearing there means that this amazing XFE can run on lower RPM, burning less gas, if cruising the highway on the 5th gear.

Ed Pepper - Chevrolet’s General Manager said 'Cobalt has always been an efficient performer, but the changes with the new XFE elevate it to a leadership position that will appeal to customers who put fuel economy at the top of their new-car priority list, … better still, the efficiency enhancements don’t come at the price of the safety and convenience features that serve as the foundation of Cobalt’s value story'.

Chevy Manager affirmed that 'Any way you look at it, the Cobalt XFE is a smart choice for those looking to maximize their car-buying dollar, … It’s well equipped, efficient and plenty of fun to drive'.