Tesla is delivering the 500th Roadster

Posted on Monday, 8 June 2009 , 10:06:27 byEmil

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Tesla is delivering the 500th Roadster

It seems so recent that Tesla began officially to selling its Roadster all-electric, but the EV Louts-derived has racked up already 500 sales. Recently Tesla delivered the 500th unit Roadster right to a Martin Tuchman, a New Jersey resident.

Tuchman, an ex car engineer, is really no stranger to the electric power just like he converted once a Chris-Craft 1937 boat to run directly on electric power for operating legally on Lake Carnegie. And Lake Carnegie is prohibiting all gas-powered models.

Thanks to a partnership made recently with Daimler (from Germany), this 500th Roadster unit will apparently be just the 1st of lots of milestones for the carmaker from California. Tesla is planning to debut its sedan Model S – for which it has already over 1,000 orders – all of them by 2011, having a 2nd-gen sports auto to debut right after. Also, Tesla will be aiding Daimler in the creation of the electric auto program.