Ferrari GTB HGTE 599 wrap pricing

Posted on Wednesday, 10 June 2009 , 03:06:05 byEmil

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Ferrari GTB HGTE 599 wrap pricing

If the latest V12 GT front engine auto, the 599 GTB model isn't enough of a super vehicle for you, then the automaker from Italy is offering now a sports package (upgraded) that really improves the aerodynamics and handling of the auto with the name inspired from a test track, having €28,382 (39,000 Dollars) as additional cost. Just like that transponder watch DBS, if you are rich enough to buy this 599 beast, that extra green it needs to upgrade for the HGTE wrap shouldn't be difficult.

The aero and handling wrap includes a changed suspension setup having stiffer springs plus an anti-roll thicker rear bar as well as brand new calibrations, good for the absorbers of magnetic shock for the time Manettino on steering wheel turned right on the sport options. The center of gravity for the 599 unit has been lowered now, this thanks to the all-new suspension which helps upgrade the control of this super car 200 MPG. World class, top athletes are wearing the finest set, equipment for the feet, plus tires that are just like the shoes from GTB, so the engineers at Ferrari designed a wrap of tires having a special compound of rubber giving more grip even.

Although the 599 GTB Ferrari featuring HGTE is not exactly 599XX track special, probably it will all be about as strong a prancing horse anyone dreams and want to ride the streets with.