Rolls-Royce designers retriming Mini Cooper special edition

Posted on Wednesday, 17 June 2009 , 11:06:44 byEmil

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Rolls-Royce designers retriming Mini Cooper special edition

We all though they were operating on opposite sides of the spectrum BMW Group, Mini and Rolls-Royce but... now could be working on some special edition new Mini Cooper, that is if the UK reports are true. With the sales down for Rolls-Royce, as a result of the recession, BMW - parent company is looking for spreading some of the luxury touches of the automaker across the lineup.

So, Autocar affirms that a prototype unit has been made with an additional-luxurious inside akin to all those one custom regularly mated to Mini Coopers - the original over forty years ago.

The magazine states that Mini executives considers the Rolls-Royce-styled inside to lure customers seeking the premium appointments on a eco-, urban-friendly wrap.