Ford moves the Asian HQ - Bangkok - Shanghai

Posted on Thursday, 18 June 2009 , 08:06:09 byEmil

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Ford moves the Asian HQ - Bangkok - Shanghai

Ford plans on transferring the bulk of all its executives that worked in Pacific, African and Asia operations from Thailand, Bangkok, to China, Shanghai in the effort of streamlining its operations. The carmaker will be retaining offices for the ten countries of Association of Southeast Asian Nations located in Bangkok.

'We will be moving functions and expertise to locations that best meet our business needs' Whitney Foard Small - Ford spokesperson reported to the Detroit News. 'We are still studying the options available to determine which locations offer us the most efficiency and practicality'.

China will surpass America as the world's biggest auto market. GM took its headquarters (Asian) from Singapore moved to Shanghai aroun 5 years ago right when it started to see the sales take off on the market in China.