New General Motors to be quicker in decisions

Posted on Thursday, 18 June 2009 , 12:06:34 byEmil

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New General Motors to be quicker in decisions

GM often has been criticized, talked for being a overly and slow bureaucratic, but Fritz Henderson - General Motors CEO says the new GM will be a lot more faster and nimble in making decisions. This new General Motors could be emerging by August from bankruptcy.

Henderson says the carmaker focuses on restructuring its own business, but is working also to reorganize the firm so decisions there, can be made quicker. 'As part of the General Motors moving forward, you don’t normally think of us as speedy or fast, and that’s what we should be' Henderson reported to Automotive News. 'But when you’re fast you do make mistakes. My view is if you’re slow, you make more mistakes. You just don’t notice it'.

GM works also on a few other measures for changing the GM culture, but Henderson didn't elaborate about those. 'That will be a discussion with you on a different day' he affirmed. If all will go well, General Motors is hopeful it will be emerging by early August from Chapter Eleven protection.