Norwegian rejuvenates Saab's 'soul and spirit'

Posted on Friday, 19 June 2009 , 01:06:19 byEmil

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Norwegian rejuvenates Saab's 'soul and spirit'

The financier and designer from Norway who controls the Koenigsegg majority and who's seen as the driving power behind the super auto manufacturer's from Sweden offer to acquire Saab from GM, says he desires to return that little brand to the glory timmes.

'Saab has to refine their quality level, their soul and spirit and we believe that this is something we can help with' said Baard Eker in a Reuters telephone interview.

Eker, an important Koenigsegg figure, helped the financing security to buy Saab. The design firm of Eker owns 49 % of Koenigsegg. 'So far we haven’t seen much in terms of environmentally friendly cars from the big (players)' he affirmed. 'That is something the smaller companies can more easily attend to because it is much quicker to turn around a smaller company'. 'The most interesting thing is that GM thinks the same' said Eker. He says, ironically, that his wish, vision isn't so faraway of what General Motors hoped to accomplish with this brand name.