The R8 Spider by Audi - yet again is caught testing

Posted on Saturday, 20 June 2009 , 02:06:55 byEmil

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The R8 Spider by Audi - yet again is caught testing

Even if you would not be able to fully enjoy the F-450 Spider by Ferrari for another year at least, Audi's super drop top auto will hold you until then. The R8 Spyder from Audi has been caught testing - final stages, plus spy photographers which were at the right time in the right place to catch it right before the car makes its official presentation at the Motor Show in Frankfurt, ahead of the hardtop Ferrari even.

Like the Gallardo Spyder from Lamborghini, the Audi Spyder R8 model will have an electrically fancy operated folding convertible soft-top roof. The carmaker from Germany chosen to cut out the signature R8 side blades - carbon fiber made, distinguishing it further from the coupe model. However the design team of Audi did not forget adding a sculpted side strongly scoop feeding just enough fresh air to the engine mid-mounted bay.

Fans of the amazing V8 4.2 Liter FSI that produces 1 hundred horsepower a liter will be able to completely enjoy that motor sound behind them having the wind on the face by early September, but... when and if you really desire to go hunting for a Ferrari, Spyder V10 powered will debut onnly 6 months later.