Prices announced in Europe for Mercedes S65 and S63 AMG

Posted on Tuesday, 23 June 2009 , 05:06:05 byEmil

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Prices announced in Europe for Mercedes S65 and S63 AMG

Mercedes Benz - luxury German carmaker announced the cost of the S65 AMG and S63 AMG for all the the markets in Europe. The S63 AMG short wheelbase will be available beginning at 137,683 Euro (191,000 Dollars); meanwhile its long wheelbase variant powered by exactly the same hand made V8 and it will be on sale beginning at 144,823 Euro (200,999 Dollars). The V12 turbocharged variant of the luxury limousine from Mercedes Benz, the S 65 AMG costs 221,221 Euro (307,000 Dollars).

The AMG S 63 has the upside of using the uber engine of AMG, the hand made V8 6.2 Liter. This strong, high-revving factory produces naturally aspirated 525 horse power plus 465 lb-ft torque, so the badged S Class AMG can sprint from zero to sixty MPH in just 4.6 seconds. The S 65 AMG with its V12 biturbo 6.0 Liter making 612 HP top output and torque - 737 lb-ft. The S Class boosted rocks from zero to sixty MPH in only 4.4 seconds, this is almost 115,000 Dollars for 0.2 seconds, these are both of the plant tuned the luxury limousine units have 155 MPH top speed - electronically limited.

No matter the variant you're choosing, boosted or not, long or short; either of these plant S Classes hot rod are lot more than enough car to come in style to your chosen location. Chairman of Mercedes-AMGGmbH - Volker Mornhinweg says: 'Our discerning clientele appreciate the synthesis of uncompromising performance and dynamic, exclusive equipment, a unique proposition in this market segment. We have raised the bar further in terms of driving dynamics, safety and passenger comfort with the extensively updated new series of the S 63 AMGand S 65 AMG'.