Nissan building battery factory in Tennessee

Posted on Wednesday, 24 June 2009 , 14:06:21 byEmil

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Nissan building battery factory in Tennessee

After the 1.6 billion Dollars federal loan received aimed for buliding, retooling plants for green auto production, Nissan confirmed it will be using its government’s chunk loan to make an ion lithium battery factory near its Tennessee, Smyrna plant. Nissan will be retooling part also of its assembly plant of trucks to construct 4-door sedan electric models.

Nissan says it's not sure if they will be managing the battery factory on their own, or even if it will partner from outside for the handling operations. Carmakers, typically, have acquired batteries from suppliers, meaning the Nissan factory marks an important departure from its norm.

This brand new factory will be around 1.000.000 square feet, the carmaker said to the journalists. It's expected to start their 1st or 2nd quarter of next year.