Clean diesel units seeing powerful American sales

Posted on Wednesday, 24 June 2009 , 06:06:31 byEmil

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Clean diesel units seeing powerful American sales

The diesel-powered autos have had a bad, negative stereotype for a long time here in America, but the final crop of the clean diesels in Europe – alongside the lower diesel costs – it's beginning to sway the U.S. clients. The diesel sales raised a lot so far in 2009, having more success expected on the sales.

The Jetta TDI from Volkswagen leads the way having some amazing sales numbers. The Jetta TDI sales totaled last month 3,862 models, up from these 2,253 sales back in April. Plus, around 36 % of all the sales of Jetta are from the clean diesel TDI variety. 'We would expect equal or higher sales of diesels this month'” reported from a Volkswagen spokesman.

The SportWagen Jetta TDI is seeing a higher rate take, having around 50 % of all customers picking the diesel option set.