Opel is preparing for us Astra Roadster

Posted on Sunday, 28 June 2009 , 13:06:56 byEmil

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Opel is preparing for us Astra Roadster

The smart thing, making any sense for a carmaker to do in that moment when the firm has a best selling auto there, is to bring up the fun driving version of that same automobile. So after Opel, GM's German arm, unveiled the 1st details of Opel Astra 2010 hatchback variant; it just made sense the carmaker announced the plans for a 2-seater drop-top variant of their best sold model ever.

Astra Roadster, all new, will be replacing the present TwinTop and will be rivaling with other open air lightweight sports vehicles like upcoming Scirocco CC, Mercedes SLK and TT Roadster by Audi.

The top in line variant of the brand new Astra Roadster unit will be getting a 2.0 Liter turbocharged engine delivering 270 HP making this Astra car... able to sprint up from zero to sixty MPH in only six seconds right before hitting 150 MPH maximum speed. Opel plans also to release another variant will be getting a turbocharged, downsized petrol burning 1.4 Liter model for economy producing 150 HP and an fueled alternatively 2.0 Liter CDTI 170bhp turbodiesel engine unit.