Fiat debuts its fabulous Bravo MSN 2009

Posted on Monday, 29 June 2009 , 09:06:12 byEmil

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Fiat debuts its fabulous Bravo MSN 2009

Fiat debuted a new special Bravo edition. The unit is called Bravo MSN - this car is the direct result of the Fiat - Microsoft collaboration. This all-new Bravo MSN by Fiat will be found on sale beginning 26th June.

Fiat special edition model is available for 120HP diesel 1.6 Multijet 16v and has the latest technologies in the world: Nav Instant radio navigation, TMC Premium function built-in, Blue&Me technology, mobile phone K770i Cyber-Shot from Sony Ericsson. Bravo MSN Edition - the latest variant of an extremely successful vehicle – just in Italy over one hundred thousand have been sold already since it was debut and of course... it continues to be in top, making sales records.

Fiat UK Group Automobiles additionally will be donating £20 for each auto of the 1st 250 test drives that were taken in a brand new Special Series Fiat Bravo MSN, to its charity – well chosen, Barnardo's (216250 and SC03760 registered charity). 'The Bravo Tour is a great way to showcase the new Bravo MSN Special Series, which is an interesting car' affirms Andrew Humberstone, the managing director at Fiat Group Automobiles UK. 'And the fact that our chosen charity will also benefit from this makes it an even more worthwhile exercise'.