Ford boosting the production as its sales are stabilizing

Posted on Monday, 29 June 2009 , 03:06:56 byEmil

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Ford boosting the production as its sales are stabilizing

With United States new vehicle sales showing bottoming out signs finally, Ford follows the plan through increasing the production on the 2nd half of 2009. Ford earlier announced that it would be boosting 3rd quarter production with 10 %.

Although Ford plans bumping its production by around ten %, Alan Mulally affirms the Michigan carmaker would not be reverting to the old habit of making autos just for keeping plants running. So, Ford 'will continue to size production with demand. But clearly with our market share gain, we’re increasing production to support the desirability of Ford products' Mulally stated.

The American market share of Ford has been up 6 of those last 7 months, showing no slowing sign. Unlike GM and Chrysler, Ford sidestepped the bankruptcy and the funding of the government, that has improved all the public perception in the world. If all is going like planned, then Ford is expecting by 2011 to come back to its profitability.