GM is confirming the plan of making new small auto in Michigan

Posted on Monday, 29 June 2009 , 15:06:15 byEmil

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GM is confirming the plan of making new small auto in Michigan

GM issued a statement the confirms the rumored plans of assembling a future small auto – likely Chevrolet Spark based – at the Orion Township, in Michigan, which is an assembly factory. General Motors says this: between that assembly factory and a stamping one, nearby, it will be preventing the cut of 1,400 jobs.

'Small cars represent one of the fastest-growing segments in both the U.S. and around the world' stated Troy Clarke, the president at GM North America. 'GM will be the only automaker, foreign or domestic, to build small cars in the U.S . , and we believe Orion Assembly and Pontiac Stamping are well suited to deliver a high-quality, fuel-efficient car that competes with anything in the marketplace'.

General Motors anticipates the factory to operate on a setup of 2-shift for producing around 160,000 small autos every year. The assembly factory makes currently Pontiac G6 - lame-duck and Malibu from Chevrolet. The Malibu unit will continue to be made at the carmaker’s Fairfax, Kansas, factory, where the Saturn Aura discontinuation will make up now for all the lost Malibu-making capacity, down in Michigan. The manufacturer says that the Spring Hill, Tennesse and Janesville, Wisconsin factories that had been rightfully considered for the little auto will be remaining on standby mode. Janesville hasn't been working since May and the Spring Hill one will go in November right in the idle status.