All about Audi Daysailer - created by Mark Klug, 25-year-old, design student

Posted on Tuesday, 30 June 2009 , 14:06:28 byEmil

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All about Audi Daysailer - created by Mark Klug, 25-year-old, design student

Daysailer - a study of a class sailing yacht TP52 inspired by the design language of Audi. It was made created by Mark Klug, 25-year-old, design student from Joanneum University - Applied Science (in Graz, located in Austria), in partnership directly with the German automaker.

The Daysailer concept was created for “A brand beyond the car” - an university project, organized in, Graz, by Joanneum University - Applied Science, Audi partnershiped.

“I wanted my design to be clear and direct, but also luxurious and sporty. It was really enjoyable incorporating Audi’s design hallmarks into a yacht.
"It has to captivate the onlooker at first glance, in precisely the same way that the cars do,” says Klug.

Wolfgang Egger, Head at Audi Group Design, affirms: “Our motivation is to think laterally and be better. Every single line has to be just right.
"The design can only be deemed a success if there is nothing more to be eliminated – but such simplicity is also a huge challenge.”
“It’s a fascinating challenge to design cars that will appeal to people in 20 to 30 years’ time,” says Egger.
“Inspiration and visionary creativity are called for. That is why we also concern ourselves with product design. When our young designers apply the same design philosophy to objects in realms other than the car, they gain a deep understanding of Audi’s formal idiom and are able to experiment with surfaces, lines and materials. Those ideas then ultimately find their way back into the designs of production cars.”

Klug... “I was intrigued by the idea of implementing a concept study that is perfect for a relaxing afternoon’s sailing with friends, but also capable of withstanding the forces of nature. A large deck area is more important than the cabin – and the vessel has to be easy to control, with one-handed steering possible.”
"Audi partnership projects with universities have one objective: to foster dialogue with young, talented designers about bold automotive design."