Fiat is confirming 4 500 units coming to America

Posted on Tuesday, 30 June 2009 , 05:06:31 byEmil

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Fiat is confirming 4 500 units coming to America

Fiat announced that 4 variants of its 500 retro-inspired will arrive in America. The 500 masterpiece will be really the only Fiat unit sound in the U.S. territory, but the wide variety of the area should provide a lot of flair from Italy of the U.S. car. The 500 will hit the market in America in 2011, this thanks to latest Chrysler - Fiat tie-up.

Roberto Giolito, head designer of the 500, unveiled the info last weeks to Automotive News. Giolito said Fiat will be selling 500 hatchbacks, performance units convertibles and wagons in America. The carmaker from Italy has not ruled out also a 5th SUV car for the 500 area. This 500 performance vehicle has been confirmed like an Abarth unit, but it's remaining unclear what Abarth auto – or autos — is earmarked for America.

Currently there are 2 variants of this 500 Abarth beast sold in the European land – a base unit with 135 horsepower and a 160 horsepower area-topping SS car. Anyway, this Abarth 500 should be giving MINI Cooper S buyers a reason to think as this as a Fiat automobile. The wagon 500 brings more space, lengthening its wheelbase with 3.1 inches. Fiat 500 – 1 of the shortest car America offered, measuring around ten inches smaller than Yaris from Toyota.