Equus Hyundai - America-bound for next year

Posted on Wednesday, 1 July 2009 , 04:07:13 byEmil

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Equus Hyundai - America-bound for next year

Hyundai, continuing its marching up-scale, will market reportedly a variant of its Equus flagship sedan next summer in the U.S.. The brand new Equus – a stretched essentially and a more luxurious Genesis Sedan version – hit last March the market in Korea and appeared on stage for Hyundai at this year Auto Show in New York.

Since that American debut in April, Hyundai toured the country having 1 hundred Equus sedan units, allowing clients and dealers to experience the firm’s flagship unit. The response was very positive indeed, prompting Hyundai for green-lighting the Equus auto for the market in America.

Equus will reach probably the market in U.S. in July next year with costing less than 60,000 Dollars . Although this Equus car is available presenting in Korea a V6 3.8L – the same from the Genesis Sedan U.S.-spec – the American variant will be equipped only with a V8 4.6L.

Luxury options planned include tilting, massaging seats on rear, rear-seat TVs too. Although Hyundai feature a powerful initial response to Genesis Sedan, it's not clear if America will be embracing a Hyundai costing 45,000 Dollars. The Equus model will undercut the rivalry by thousands of U.S. Dollars but... as Volkswagen Phaeton, the failed, showed us, American customers are not willing always forking over huge cash for some non-luxury firm. Then again, having clients that maximize every dollar our days, some Mercedes-Benz and Lexus customers might just opt for Hyundai saving 20,000 Dollars.