The design story of Opel Astra

Posted on Wednesday, 1 July 2009 , 12:07:52 byEmil

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The design story of Opel Astra

Here's the official new Opel Astra design story, including some comprehensive design sketches, renderings, inside images design story... Opel has unveiled new design Astra material, which gets launched in Frankfurt at the IAA in September. Motto: sculptural artistry and German precision. Its exterior design has powerful fluid, cab-forward silhouette.

This new Astra hen has a slim, trapezoidal low grille featuring the bold integrated logo of Opel. Vice President of Design GM Europe - Mark Adams says 'We carried forward the work we began with Insignia. This time we’ve given our design language a fresh expression for the compact class segment. Think of it as if the Insignia and Astra are members of a family. You can recognize the same gene pool, yet each car has its own personality and character'. 'The design of the new Opel Astra takes all the best Opel has to offer and delivers it to the compact class. We have built a five-door hatchback that is as beautiful as it is safe, comfortable and practical'.

Astra has quick, curvaceous lines lending the auto its sporty appearance. 'The new Opel Astra is a culmination of years of work – not just by our team, but from the sweat of the designers working on the nine previous generations of Astra and Kadett cars' says Uwe Müller, the chief designer of Astra. 'We used some graphics from the past, but made them crisper and more modern. We revolutionized the shape by making it more sculptural'.

The wing graphic signature on the running lights in the day sits interior eagle-eye, sharp headlamps. 'The Astra is a sporty car with elegant touches, while the Insignia is an elegant car with sporty touches' says John Puskar, GME Interior Design Director. Athletic look, black interior, red lighting ambient – perfection...