Ford Focus 2010 to be made solely in Europe

Posted on Thursday, 2 July 2009 , 17:07:36 byEmil

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Ford Focus 2010 to be made solely in Europe

Ford Focus 2010 takes on a true European sense, feel... It seems the final unit of this amazing Focus franchise here will not be made on its home, local continent but will be manufactured instead exclusively at the Saarlouis production Ford factory in Germany.

Producing the Focus model from across the pond - Atlantic, it's quite strange. Ford justifies this reason affirming the move allows its European department to get profitably again. John Fleming, Chairman, CEO - Ford Europe, 'Our objective is to return to sustainable profitability as soon as we can'. He added also: 'We’ve already shown that we will make the necessary decisions and do whatever is required to ensure that Ford of Europe emerges from the downturn as a leaner and stronger company, ready to take on the opportunities presented once the economic situation finally improves'.

The Focus auto isn't the only vehicle of Ford that will be made in Europe exclusively. Focus MPV C-Max, one of its versions, will be build in Valencia, in Spain. The same factory in Valencia, incidentally, that makes the C-Max unit will be distributing the car to all the markets in Europe and if the plans gets done, it will have all the outside European markets also, including America.