Hyundai's Gas Lock new program locks the gas cost at 1.49 Dollars per gallon

Posted on Friday, 3 July 2009 , 08:07:14 byEmil

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Hyundai's Gas Lock new program locks the gas cost at 1.49 Dollars per gallon

The research of Hyundai shows that almost forty % of potential all-new auto customers are staying now out of the market due to uncertainty future gas cost - and things are looking bad as we head right into peak summer trips, travel months having gas cost reaching over 3 Dollars per gallon.

Expanding on Hyundai Assurance – successful program already, Hyundai Motor America made an announcement – its brand new program Gas Lock will offer all-new auto buyers a year's worth in gas value at 1.49 Dollars per gallon over most units leased or acquired between 1st of July and 31th of August, this year. 'To sign up for Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock, new Hyundai owners simply register their valid Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card, or a Visa or MasterCard check card, at After enrolling, the consumer will receive a new Hyundai Assurance-branded card to be used for all future fill ups. The consumer is billed $1.49 per gallon of regular-grade gasoline, regardless of the price at the pump, and Hyundai pays the rest. (The driver may elect to purchase mid-grade gasoline for $1.64 per gallon, or premium gas for $1.79 per gallon as well, although all eligible Hyundai vehicles are factory-certified for regular fuel.)'.

'Hyundai Assurance is a unique platform because it enables us to partner with consumers in ways that address their immediate concerns' affirmed Joel Ewanick, the vice president, Marketing of Hyundai Motor America. 'We’ve extended Hyundai Assurance to cover gas prices just as peak summer demand traditionally strains budgets further, guaranteeing most new Hyundai owners a year’s worth of low gas prices. It’s another way we show consumers that, in this downturn, we’re in this together, and we’ll get through it together'.

'Our research shows that nearly 40 percent of potential new car buyers are staying out of the market specifically due to uncertainty around future gas prices' said John Krafcik, the CEO and president at Hyundai Motor America. 'With Assurance Gas Lock, we’re empowering consumers with gas price stability so they can make a confident vehicle choice. And for those buyers out there driving older gas-guzzlers that qualify for the new government CARS program, we think our fuel-efficient lineup of award-winning vehicles, combined with Assurance Gas Lock, makes Hyundai an unbeatable combination'.