TechArt is giving Cayenne Diesel by Porsche 290-hp having 25 mpg

Posted on Friday, 10 July 2009 , 04:07:24 byEmil

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TechArt is giving Cayenne Diesel by Porsche 290-hp having 25 mpg

Techart revealed, earlier this year, the Aerokit I – great for the Cayenne Diesel by Porsche. The tuner announced now upgrade wraps on performance for the Cayenne fuel-sipping, giving it even more strength having the same low emissions of CO2 and outstanding economy of fuel.

The power kit TA 055/D1 of Techart raises output from diesel 3.0L engine ranging from 240-hp up to 290-hp having a 465 lb-ft top torque. The emissions of CO2 are the same - 244 g/km and its consumption of fuel is 30.4 mpg (25 mpg in American standards). Zero to sixty mph - done in only 7.7 seconds and not 8.3 seconds. 'With the top three podium positions at Le Mans won by diesel powered racecars this year, it is proven beyond any doubt that this is a superb fuel for very high performance motoring' affirms Phil Hindley, the Tech9 Motorsport's managing director. 'Add in their low CO2 output, which translates to low benefit-in-kind taxation, their excellent fuel economy and high residual values, and we can see why there is so much excitement about this car'.

Techart affirms it can supply a brand new Diesel Cayenne model featuring Aerokit 1 right from £53,000 (84,963 US Dollars) or... from £55,500 (88,970 US Dollars) with Powerkit TA 055/D1 and Aerokit 1. Phil Hindley from Tech9 states that its Powerkit produces the Diesel Cayenne effortlessly fast. 'The 0-60 time drops from 8.3 seconds to 7.7 seconds, an impressive improvement, but the real benefit is that the huge torque and very flat delivery provides impressive acceleration from any speed. It feels more like a big V8 than a highly efficient diesel V6'.