Ferrari has launched a new chronograph watch

Posted on Monday, 27 July 2009 , 06:07:29 byEmil

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Ferrari has launched a new chronograph watch

The famous Italian automaker Ferrari has launched a new lap-time chronograph watch. Obviously, most people will think that Ferrari launched this watch for the fans of their cars but who can`t actually afford to own a car that has the Prancing Horse logo on the front and on the steering wheel. If you come to think of it, not many of the Ferrari car owners would buy a watch made by Ferrari. Usually, Ferrari owners have a watch made by Rolex or something else that is extremely expensive.

The Ferrari watch has a rubber strap. It will be available worldwide in Ferrari Stores starting from the end of the month August. The price for such a watch will be 295 euros or the equivalent sum in dollars (420 dollars at today`s exchange rates). Also, the watch has a Swiss ISA 9001/1300 Anadigit multifunction chronograph movement, a stainless steel case with black PVD treatment, case back with special logo engraved.

We have to admit, the watch looks mighty fine and most certainly all those Ferrari fans out there that can`t afford to spend sums of at least 100.000 euros to get a Ferrari car, will make efforts to buy this watch. Even tough it is clearly just a marketing maneuver by Ferrari, the watch is pretty stylish and it might look great for someone who wears a suit or other elegant clothes. Let`s just hope that no one will use the clock to time their laps, or else they might end up hurt because of them keeping their eyes on the watch and not on the road.

Ferrari has launched a new chronograph watch image Ferrari has launched a new chronograph watch image