Jaguar presents its speedster Eagle E-type

Posted on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 , 04:07:08 byEmil

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Jaguar presents its speedster Eagle E-type

The classic sports autos can be very fun for driving, but awful to own... Starting with storage, maintenance and insurance could really bankrupt all the average people and the old vehicles can’t be driven as well if you compare it to a modern day car. Its engine hits the operating temperature after... a while, the leaf spring (old) based suspension is taking a beating when you go on some less than perfect road. The vehicle’s just not reliable like a modern automobile is.

Relax, not every English classic sports auto experience is this troublesome. The United Kingdom based craftsman - Eagle created this our day feline, modern based on a Jaguar E-type 1966 automobile. The auto is the proof: classic vehicles can be fast, worry free and cool when the all-new E-Type had its world premiere at the Salon Privé London prestige motor show.

The E-Type Eagle has a bodyshell from aluminum, upgraded brakes, stiffer suspension and low profile modern radial tires. So, under its hood the auto presents a straight 6 engine 4.7 Liter delivering 300 HP plus 340 lb-ft torque, a fifty percent power raise over the basic E-type engine that's from the sixties. Weighing just 1100 kg, the E-Type modern day car will be sprinting from zero to sixty MPH in... less than five seconds hitting a 175 MPH maximum speed.