Porsche shows off its fabulous Cayenne Balrog

Posted on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 , 05:07:11 byEmil

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Porsche shows off its fabulous Cayenne Balrog

Having a quite aggressive look, this highly upgraded Porsche Cayenne named Balrog is the amazing work of Jeremie Paret, auto stylist. After eight months filled with hard work and countless sketches, this car designer has created a totally different, new exterior for this SUV high performance that matches all its inner capabilities with a fabulous, bold body wrap and a large wheels array.

The tuning kit off Jeremie Paret includes: a brand new front bumper having a much bigger central opening plus a fog lights pair presenting LED lit surrounds. And... one of the cool features is: it's retaining the original side marker lights Cayenne Turbo and the original parking Cayenne sensors too.

The all-new grin's made of many functional vents, directing the air to start cooling off the front brakes, radiator and the intercooler. The rest of its wrap is rounded by a large fender flares set, side skirts - lower hanging plus a rear diffuser completing the ground effects kit aspect.