Artist rendering of the 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Posted on Friday, 31 July 2009 , 08:07:44 byEmil

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Artist rendering of the 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia

We present to you an artist rendering of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The artist created a photo of what he thinks the 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia will look like. The Italian automaker is currently in a process of replacing their current range of models. The Alfa Romeo 147 for example will be replaced by a car named Milano, which we presented to you a week ago. The Alfa Romeo 159 will be replaced too, by a car that will be named Giulia. It is quite obvious Alfa Romeo`s policy to replace the impersonal names of their current models (147, 159 etc) with more personal names (Milano, Giulia), in an attempt to create the feeling of being close to the customers. Obviously, the rendering is nothing released official, it is just the way an artist thinks the car will look like. Still, the car that you can see in the rendering looks very good and if the 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia will actually turn out to look like this, I am sure that nobody will be disappointed.

The rendered pictures started coming quite early if you think that the Alfa Romeo Giulia is not expected to hit the market before June 2011. The Alfa Romeo Giulia will most probably use the C-EVO platform that will also be used for the Milano hatchback. The Fiat Group`s C-Evo platform proved itself to be more versatile than older platforms, this being the main reason for which it will be used for both the Milano and Giulia.

Rumors have it that the Alfa Romeo Giulia will come with a front wheel drive while customers will be able to optionally choose the Italian automaker`s Q4 four wheel drive system. Still, it is too early for any kind of official statement to deny or to confirm this kind of information. Other rumors say that the 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia will come equipped with a 1.75 liter four cylinder turbocharged engine along with a V6 petrol engine and a whole ranch of turbo diesel powerplants.


Artist rendering of the 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia image