M1 Concept BMW to be unveiled in Frankfurt

Posted on Monday, 3 August 2009 , 07:08:03 byEmil

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M1 Concept BMW to be unveiled in Frankfurt

There are some hot rumors about a BMW green sports auto concept. Now, the German car journal Auto Motor Und Sport, reveals to us even more details on this fabulous concept. It will have the name M1 Hybrid Concept; it presents a drive train hybrid technology with the same dimensions like a 3-Series unit - 14.75 ft long. The M1 Homage model inspired the outside look of this auto.

If you compare it to the M1 Homage, the new 2+2 hybrid car run by an electric motor fixed on the front axle mixed on back with a minor internal combustion of the engine. This action will be keeping the emissions righr under 100 g/km, plus... thanks of a curb weight (low) this BMW beast will offer you the same performance like a Porsche 911 does.

BMW EfficientDynamics gives you all you need: auto stop/start, electric powersteering, regenerative brakes and... it's from sustainable materials. Great news indeed. But, it will be a concept model only, or will this sustainable sports auto make its way actually to the dealers?! BMW plans a limited 2-door release showcasing their best kung fu (environmental) by 2012.