House votes for a boost of $2b Cash for Clunkers

Posted on Monday, 3 August 2009 , 05:08:41 byEmil

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House votes for a boost of $2b Cash for Clunkers

Some emergency measure just got approved by the U.S. House to provide 2 billion Dollars for the program Cash for Clunkers, this after the 1st 1 billion Dollars was exhausted in only 1 week. President Barack Obama supported this – as you can see in the the clip – the House got 316-109 votes on the program's favor.

The Energy Department will fund it with its loan budget on new energy projects, that was allocated there in February like a part of the 787 billion Dollars federal stimulus wrap.

The program Cash for Clunkers will not be stopped, working until the extra 2 billion Dollars runs out. The Senate will be voting on this measure next week, stated Harry Reid - a Majority Leader spokesman.