Bruce Rossmeyer dies in motorcycle accident

Posted on Monday, 3 August 2009 , 13:08:56 byEmil

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Bruce Rossmeyer dies in motorcycle accident

Bruce Rossmeyer has died in a motorcycle accident on the 30th of July. Mister Rossmeyer was famous for owning fifteen Harley Davidson dealerships, including the famous Destination Daytona dealership. Bruce Rossmeyer was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle on the way to Sturgis after he attended to a Harley Davidson /Buell dealership meeting. Mister Rossmeyer was along five other bikers when they were passing a pickup truck that was pulling a camper trailer in the western part of Wyoming on Highway 28, when it emerged into the other lane.

Lieutenant Shawn Dickerson of the Wyoming Highway Patrol stated that ``The pickup slowed and activated his left signal. Four of the motorcycles passed to the left...When Mr. Rossmeyer attempted to pass, the truck made its left turn and he hit the driver`s side door. The sixth motorcycle swerved to the right and avoided collision``.

Sadly, Bruce Rossmeyer was not wearing a helmet and died almost instantaneously, being declared afterwards dead on the scene. Lieutenant Shawn Dickerson stated that ``The road is straight, dry and flat. The extremely rural road is an option to Sturgis, but not the primary way to travel there``. Mister Rossmeyer was 66 years old and was a father of five children and grandfather of seven grandchildren. Bruce Rossmeyer was also famous for being the co-owner of two car dealerships in the Daytona Beach area. Mister Rossmeyer was also known for all his charitable actions that he did for the less fortunate children.

Bruce Rossmeyer also sponsored Danny Eslic and Richie Morris Racing in the AMA Daytone SportBike. Richie Morris said that ``Bruce was first and foremost my friend``. He continued by saing that ``He sttod by me through the good and bad years. We have been partners in racing since 1994. The racing community just lost a loyal supporter and he will be greatly missed``. Danny Eslic said that ``It was really unfortunate about the passing of Bruce Rossmeyer and we dedicate this win to him``. He continued by saying that ``He was a great guy and our teammate. The family said `go and win a championship