Ferrari preparing a 600 GTB model

Posted on Tuesday, 4 August 2009 , 11:08:12 byEmil

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Ferrari preparing a 600 GTB model

The Italian automaker Ferrari has launched a teaser on their website that practically announces a new model. This new addition on the website has surfaced after the Prancing Horse company has announced the F430 replacement model, the Ferrari 458 Italia . Ferrari`s website had a section named ``600 GTB – Coming soon`` right next to that of the new 458 Italia model. Even though this section appeared on their website for just a couple of minutes, before the people in charge of the website saw the mistake they did and removed the text, a couple of visitors managed to save a image of the website with the section on it. A couple of Italian car magazines quoted some of the officials working Ferrari saying that the website teaser section was just a regrettable error and the fact that they are sorry for the inconvenience and confusion they caused.

Obviously, the imagine with the ``600 GTB – coming soon`` section on Ferrari`s website spread around the internet extremely fast and a lot of rumors surfaced saying that the 600 GTB will replace the 599 GTB . Also, a lot of people claim that Ferrari`s mistake was actually a test to see how much interest a 599 GTB replacement model receives from the media and the people. Honestly, we do not know if the Italian automaker`s mistake was honest or not, but it will be interesting to see in the future couple of months if a prototype 600 GTB will be spotted in spy shots.

Ferrari preparing a 600 GTB model image Ferrari preparing a 600 GTB model image