Koenigsegg CCR doing quarter mile runs

Posted on Tuesday, 4 August 2009 , 15:08:48 byEmil

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Koenigsegg CCR doing quarter mile runs

The Swedish are lucky. Not because of the awful weather they have, or because of the big taxes they have to pay. They are lucky because they get to see, from time to time, some fabulous cars performing. This time it is the case of the people that have gathered last weekend at the Mantorp Park raceway, which is located near the town of Mantorp in the Mjollby area, to watch a racing event that was named 2009 Action Meet. A couple of people present there managed to film the only Koenigsegg CCR Evolution that is Swedish registered while performing a quarter mile run. As you all well know, Koenigsegg is popular for making extremely fast and good looking sports car and more recently they are known as being the company that has taken over Saab. The Koenigsegg CCR Evolution is practically a basic Koenigsegg CCR that has received the V8 4.7 liter supercharged engine found on the CCX. Thus, it is an evolved CCR, so the name chosen for it is quite easy to understand. The engine found under the Koenigsegg CCR Evolution and CCX has an output of 806 HP at 7000 revs per minute and a maximum torque of 693 lb-ft (920 Nm) at 5500 revs per minute.

On the first quarter mile attempt, the Swedish sports car managed to achieve a time of 12.02 seconds with a top speed of 213.64 km/h. The second attempt was better, the Koenigsegg CCR Evolution managing to finish the quarter mile sprint in 11.43 seconds. It is also important to mention that the Swedish sports car had normal sport tires, and not special racing ones. A fabulous performance from a great car.

You can watch the video of the Koenigsegg CCR Evolution on the race track here

Photos via: Sportbilen.se