The Canadian Grand Prix will return to F1 from 2010

Posted on Wednesday, 5 August 2009 , 10:08:44 byEmil

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The Canadian Grand Prix will return to F1 from 2010

This is some news that I am sure will make all Canadians very happy. Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula 1 chief executive, has made a promise according to which Canada will be back on the Formula 1 Grand Prix map from 2010. Ecclestone said for Motorsport Aktuell, a Swiss magazine, that ``I promise we will be in Montreal in 2010``.

Unfortunately for Canada, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Formula 1 track did not host a Grand Prix this year because Bernie Ecclestone and the race organizers could not reach an agreement regarding the financial conditions in which the event would have taken place. The fact that Bernie Ecclestone failed to reach a compromise with the Canadian organizers has put him under a lot of pressure afterwards, mainly because there is no North American race in Formula 1, a thing that is very hurtful for the industry itself. Actually, Bernie Ecclestone himself stated that ``Everyone in Formula 1 loves the Canadian Grand Prix``, a sign that he wants to reach a compromise with the race organizers.

Even though Ecclestone looks more able to reach a compromise with the Canadian race organizers, the same thing can not be said concerning the USA Grand Prix. The chief executive of Formula 1 said that ``Forget Indianapolis. We`re not going back there``. This statement will more than likely upset and even anger the American nations, including some important people for the Formula 1 world.

The 78 year old Briton had some good news for his fellow British people, pointing out that the British Grand Prix is not in danger, saying that ``If Donington can deliver a Formula 1 race, then we will be there. If not, then we will be staying in Silverstone``.

Bernie Ecclestone also made some clear indications of which countries will be the next ones to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix, pointing out that Korea and India are most likely going to be the next countries to join the Formula 1 map.