Michael Schumacher gets 1 million Dollars for every race and that`s not all

Posted on Thursday, 6 August 2009 , 09:08:45 byEmil

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Michael Schumacher gets 1 million Dollars for every race and that`s not all

We do feel sympathy for Felipe Massa, injured Ferrari Formula One driver but, we are quite exited to see Michael Schumacher - seven-time worldwide champion returning to the racing track. German reports reveals Schumacher will be getting around 1 million Dollars for every race.

Schumacher, besides this 1 million Dollars, will receives for each victory the same quantity as a bonus. The ex F1 champion gets already almost 6 million Dollars a year from his advisory role at Ferrari, that's scheduled for extension beyond this year's end. 'I’m currently in the midst of my preparations for the upcoming race' Schumacher affirmed on his site. 'I already lost three kilograms even if it is also important to me to build up muscles. So all in all, the practice works pretty well'.

Schumacher's preparing very well for his surprise comeback to F1 and has lost 3 kg already for the next grand prix located in Spain. “I only have to admit that my neck pinches a bit. We have to get a grip on that as health has priority - that’s the clear arrangement made with Ferrari and, by the way, with my wife, too.

“It’s on! I accepted the challenge. And as you all know, I really love challenges. It seems as if my fans would love them, too.”
“I really would like to thank all my fans who keep their fingers crossed for my plans for all the positive feedback. It’s incredible how much support I get from all over the world in these days.

“It almost feels like as if a flush of positive energy is coming over me. Compliments to all of you!”