Daimler down in July with 11 percent in sales

Posted on Friday, 7 August 2009 , 17:08:17 byEmil

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Daimler down in July with 11 percent in sales

Like all the other carmakers, Daimler saw in July a 11 percent sales drop, amounting to 93,900 cars. Mercedes-Benz delivered alone most of the models, 83,500 exactly.

Klaus Maier, Mercedes-Benz Cars sales and marketing vice president said in a release. 'The new E-Class has gotten off to a resounding start, and we have delivered more than 40,000 units to customers since the market launch in spring. The sedan once again defended its market leadership worldwide in July. The new coupe is also very popular with customers. The full availability of the E-Class sedan and coupe and the introduction of the station wagon and new-generation S-Class will help to further stabilize sales in the next few months'.

As usual, China, followed by Mercedes, growing a huge 35 % compared to last year in July. Mercedes sold 5,000 cars in the Chinese territory, making the firm the fastest-raising premium one, a record for this year.

Smart sold in 2009 71,500 autos, down 12 %. In the carmaker's home state, Mercedes-Benz sold 26,900 cars, 1,000 models less than 1 year ago and the largest number of smart cars, 19,700, were sold in Germany also.

Japan was the worst performer, Daimler sold there 1,900 cars, representing a 28.6 downfall, followed by America, were the 17,600 models sold meant a 24.2 % drop. For the 7 months in a year, the worst place was Japan, (Daimler lost 32.6 %); China was the best (39.5 % increase).