Nissan unveils 2010 pricing for Pathfinder

Posted on Monday, 10 August 2009 , 14:08:56 byEmil

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Nissan unveils 2010 pricing for Pathfinder

The carmaker from Japan has changed the cost of most of its cars so, the Frontier 2010 is priced at 17,540 Dollars for the I4 4x2 Frontier XE King Cab - manual transmission and 22,290 Dollars for the V6 4x2 Frontier SE Crew Cab - manual transmission. Nissan is focusing on the pickup department so next year you'll get some new goodies, improved engines complying with what people want today: lower emissions and reduced consumption of fuel.

Nissan stated there are 13 Frontier King Cab units available and 14 Frontier Crew Cab autos. This includes 4x4 and 4x2, inline four-cylinder 2.5-liter engines, exclusively for the 4x2 King Cab, as well for V6 4.0-liter cars with long or regular beds, automatic or manual transmissions.

The Pathfinder has 7 configurations, four 4x4 - three 4x2 units. Several engines are available, like the V6 4.0-liter model and a V8 5.6-liter one. For the 4x2 S FE+ Pathfinder having V6 4.0-liter engine plus automatic transmission the pricing begins at 27,440 Dollars and 42,160 Dollars for the 4x4 LE-V8 Pathfinder featuring automatic transmission.

Nissan also changed the cost table for Xterra, offered now at a price of 22,450 Dollars for the 4x2 X Xterra having V6 4.0-liter - manual transmission. The upgraded 2010 pricing schedule of Nissan show the V6 4x4 X Xterra (manual transmission) wears the price tag of 24,500 Dollars. The Xterra comes in multiple variants: 4x2 X, S and SE units and the 4x4 X, S, Off-Road plus SE cars.