Volvo is preparing an All-Electric C30

Posted on Monday, 10 August 2009 , 08:08:52 byEmil

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Volvo is preparing an All-Electric C30

Forgetting for now about the money problems, Volvo continues with the electrification idea, bringing a new model for us. This company from Sweden will show an all-electric C30 variant. You can see it next month at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Volvo is not sure if it will bring this car in production but what's sure is that the vehicle will most hit the roads in the future. This will happen right after the electric hybrid V70 diesel plug-in will raise, 2012 scheduled.

A Volvo insider reported for Autocar that Volvo will decide about the concept's future soon but didn't to admit the possibility the prototype wil not go into production. 'The all-electric C30 is a car we have talked about previously and formed the basis of the Recharge concept shown a few years ago' the source said. 'One of the cars that will be shown at the Innovation for Life event will be an all-electric C30 and that car will be driven'.

'It is an evaluation concept. It’s being worked on and is part of an ongoing evaluation and we will make a decision in the future. At the moment, we are not considering putting it into production'.

2 months ago Volvo affirmed that the 1st plug-in hybrid can be seen in 2012, build in collaboration with Vattenfall - Swedish energy firm. Powered by a battery with lithium-ion, it will take about 5 hours to recharge fully. 'We are investing in an industrial joint venture to series-produce plug-in hybrid cars in Sweden in 2012, cars that can be powered by both electricity and diesel. This is an important business development for us and our partnership with Vattenfall allows us to take a giant step toward offering our customers cars with an even smaller environmental footprint' says the President and CEO at Volvo Car Corporation - Stephen Odell.